Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Everyday Moments - BITW

Bird is the Word is back!  Our first word is MOMENT.

I created a digital layout using a kit I purchased awhile back from After Five Designs.  I also followed a sketch from Heather at Scrappy Sketches.

No super special techniques on this layout other than lots of layers.  I did change the color of one of the ribbons from yellow to cream though.


To This:
It is simple to do on items that do not have lots of different colors.  When in photoshop, right click on the brush and change to replace color.  Make sure the color you want to use is in the foreground and then simply brush over your ribbon.  It will change the color without brushing out the detail.

Here is the sketch I used, designed by Heather:

Enjoy your day! ----Wendy

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Sketch from Page Drafts

Oh wow!  It has been so long since I have uploaded a page.  I have made a few "real" scrapbook pages, but did not take photos.  I should upload those soon though.  Anyway, I made a digital page for my friend Emma at Page Drafts for her Christmas Sketch release.  Take a look! ----I only wish I would have had time to use more sketches before the release.

This is my digital creation:

And this is the sketch I used:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Boy Colors

This is another layout I created for the DT at Bird is the Word.  The word released this week was COLOR(S).  My little guy is really starting to develop his own personality and without trying to sound super seixist he is such a boy.  He turns everything into a steering wheel and plays with trucks.  Trust me, he has non-gender toys as well, but he goes for the trucks every time.  He is also messy and could care less when his hands are dirty.  I love all of this about him, but when it comes to scrapbooking I miss creating layouts with loads of flowers and lace.  How do you turn a messy little boy playing with trucks into a page full of flowers?

This also made me think about how much my world revolves around little boy things now. His room is green, red and blue.  His clothes are pretty much all blue.    I have a future full of wrestling and rough-housing...I am not even sure I know how to do that!

Monday, June 4, 2012


I created a new digital layout as a DT member for Bird is the Word.  The new challenge word is CHANGE(S).  Lately I have been having so much fun with digital layouts.  My scrapbook room is not very organized right now and I have such limited time to scrapbook lately, so digital is my answer!

The photo on this page is a quick shot I took with my phone at Tristan's 9 month doctor's appointment.  We texted it to Adam and asked him if he wanted to meet us for ice cream afterwards.  How could you resist a trip for ice cream with that cute little smile?

I used a kit from After Five Designs Big Dreams & Pocket Treasures by Laurie Ann to create this kit along with a few elements from a kit called B for Boy that my mom gave to me.  I also purchased the B&W washi tape from Etsy. I learned a cool new trick as well for PSE.  When adding shadows to your digital layouts, you can adjust the positioning of the shadow by double-clicking on the FX icon on the particular layer you are working on.  You double click after the shadow effect has already been applied.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yes, I am going to be in a magazine!

So, last week Emma Stafrace contacted me and asked if I would be interested in being featured in the Scrapbook News & Review magazine (http://www.scrapbooknewsandreview.com/)!  Of course I was interested!  My digital creations are going to be featured in an upcoming issue sometime this summer.  I was so excited...this is my first ever magazine feature!

In anticipation of this new event I have created two new digital layouts which will be featured in the magazine (Emma told me I was allowed to share).

Smile: Page created using By the Sea kit from After Five Designs

Love You Forever: Page created using Hello Sunshine kit from After Five Designs

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello, it's been awhile!

I have a new look to my scrappin' blog!  I think it is just about time for me to get scrappin' again.  I took a hiatus for a little while, but I am ready to go again.  Now to find the time! Thanks Emma for your encouragement to get me going again.

Although, I have not been completely missing in action.  If you have a minute, please check out my Destination 365 blog (my photo blog) or my photography website.  I put the links as tabs on the top of this page.

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Bird is the Word - HEART

I made a special Valentine page for the new word at Bird is the Word....the pictures were taken on my 28th birthday before we went out to dinner.  The page is once again a new digital page and I learned a new trick!  I learned how to thread ribbon through another object, such as the keys on this page using layers on PSE.  I also learned my laptop is starting to get old. :(  It seems to not handle a lot of activities going on at the same time. Bummer.

This page was mostly created using the Champagne & Chocolate kit from Becca Herman at After Five Designs. It is one amazing kit!!

Thanks for looking...have a wonderful week!! I have Monday and Tuesday off of work, so I am happy to be home with my two boys today. :)

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