Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Room

My mom visited me last weekend (Memorial Day) weekend and we worked many long, hard hours, but we are finally almost complete with the baby's room!  I still need a cushion for the toy box seat and a cover for the changing table pad.  Oh, I also need to hang blinds yet.

Changing table and window valance

rocking chair, photo frames and toy box

closet and toy box

dresser and wall hangings


crib grandma made the square in the center and my mom and I pieced together the quilt around it



Jasmine S said...

Oh Wendy that room looks beautiful. I remember when I was expecting my first child I used to stand at the change table and imagine a baby on it and look at the cot and imagine my baby in there. I know it sounds silly but I just could not wait to have my baby home.
Your LO looks absolutely stunning too.

Mary said...

Thank you so much for letting me help you with your baby's room. It was so much fun thinking of him while we worked together on it. Mom

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